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Music Links

Musicians you should hear...

This list features friends I've connected with who I'd like you to hear/see! Everyone on this list a) plays music I enjoy listening to, and b) I have met, usually in person, maybe online.

Rhubarb Pie - some friends who perform at events in northern IN

TRU Ukes - the group I play with whenever I can!

Butch Ross - a unique set of skills!

Bing Futch - showman supreme

Lil' Rev - Another great uke player/teacher - wish I had his energy!

Steve Seifert - phenomenal skill plus personality

Stuart Fuchs - Wow! Awesome skills, nice guy, excellent teacher!

Peter Madcat Ruth - ukelele and harmonica... yeah, he really rocks!

Wendy Songe - Another skilled musician and teacher on many instruments!

Dixie Bee Liners - very skilled young bluegrass players

Clusterfolk - The one in Indiana (can you imagine? there are 3!!)

Breaking Old Ground - They practice in my garage, and I like it!

Intergalactic Caravan - Another group I like who has played my garage.

Gerald Ross - Virtuoso on uke, great teacher, and genuinely nice guy!

Bakithi Kumalo - One of the best bass players in the world!

Jerry Rockwell - composer/performer, and builder of fine instruments.


Streaming Audio sites... only free ones!

Spotify - create your own playlists - or follow one of mine! (Tom J. McConnell)

RadioIO - multiple channels. Check out the Acoustic Cafe

Radio Margaritaville - for when you're feeling beach-y

Putamayo Radio - best source for eclectic world music

Radio Heartland - My new iPhone go-to! Great acoustic playlist.


Folkcraft - My instrument of choice! 

Druid Moon - Folkcraft's ukelele

McSpadden - consistent quality

Michael Kelly - beautiful guitars, basses

Kala - uke and u-bass builder

Cordoba - another builder of fine ukes!

Events and Jam Groups...

Music Stores

Sweetwater - better-than-Disneyland for musicians!

Muncie Music Center - my local source

Simple Sounds - where I got started with the dulcimer

Publishing and Printing

Airway Publishing - my own self-publishing company. Need help getting a CD or book in print??

CreateSpace - a good professional printing/distribution company - another online print/publish service.