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Music from the Heart

Original Songs for
Mountain Dulcimer

Music from the Heart, the new collection of dulcimer tabs, can now be purchased! View my Web Store page for a link to purchase the book.

Other dulcimer players have asked me about my chord-melody style, and this book will help you use more chords in your playing.

The book includes 15 original songs for you to learn, and has some instruction about chord shapes, flourishes to help you play melodies more easily, arpeggios and using a capo. 

This page includes samples of each of the songs so you can listen as you learn and practice!

For more samples of Tom's songs, visit the Recordings page by clicking here or the tap at the top of the page.


"I just got 'Music From the Heart'. It is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for publishing it for all dulcimer players to enjoy!"   (Linda B.)

Yes I Do*     Audio  

Butterfly Waltz*     Audio  

Back to the Glenns*     Audio  

Expressions      Audio  

The Change Will Do Me Good      Audio  

How I Try      Audio  

Wishing For Wings      Audio  

Just One More Song (Michael's Song)*    Audio  

Scotty Smiles*    Audio  

The Break of Spring     Audio  

When I Was A Boy     Audio  

After All That We've Been Through     Audio  

Letters from Andersonville     Audio  

Seasons Lost     Audio  

Who's that Knocking on the Door?*    Audio  

* Samples are segments of songs included on the 2001 album,
Playing from the Heart.

A recent review on reads:

"Superb artist, incredible book. This treasure is not your typical collection of (nice, but unoriginal) jam tunes. This volume of original works for mountain dulcimer ranks among the best, and is highly recommended!"