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Music Samples

Playing from the Heart

Original (© 2001)

Re-Issued! (© 2015)

Tom's first recording was Playing from the Heart. This CD was recorded at Jerry Mitchell's Sandbur Studios, and went "out of print when Simple Sounds burned down, along with the last copies. But good news!  This album will be reprinted in 2015!!.

You can listen to Waiting for Summer and Butterfly Waltz from the playlist as a sample of the music on Playing from the Heart.

Visit the "Review" link at CreateSpace to hear a 5-song sample, and post a review!

You can also download a PDF or TEF file of the tab for Butterfly Waltz. The song also appears in Music from the Heart, Tom's upcoming song book.

A Dozen Years and Many More Miles

The next album project is under way, and over half the songs recorded and "in the can."  A Dozen Years and Many More Miles is a name with so many different meanings, including the fact that my music has come a long way since the first album in 2001. The concept for the album began about 12 years after was released.  The process of recording has been longer than anticipated, but I'm eager to share news about the drop here at this site. So stay tuned, and watch my Facebook page for news, as well!

The album offers a "baker's dozen" of original tunes, many of which feature vocals... a big change from the instrumental pieces on Playing from the Heart. But like Playing, these new songs come from my heart! The songs in the collection also represent a big change in my music. There are more instruments involved in the mix, including electric guitar, ukulele, standard and baritone dulcimers, keyboards, bass, and more, along with some effects that bring some interesting tones and moods.  You'll even hear a guest artist or two.  The music spans a wide range of genres from ballads, country-ish tunes, bossa nova, blues, Americana/rock, and more. I hope you recognize an eclectic set of influences on these songs, and on my playing!

It's an exciting project, but with a regular day job, production is not expected to finished until...
... Well, I'll keep you posted.

Sneak previews of two of the songs, Hush, Just Listen, and Twilight Beach, are available here... A special offer ONLY for visitors to this site.  Keep an eye out for more bit that may be shared soon.


Playing from the Heart

  1. Waiting for Summer   < Listen!

  2. If Only I Could

  3. Wayfaring Stranger

  4. Butterfly Waltz          < Listen!

  5. Just One More Song (Michael's Song)

  6. Scotty Smiles

  7. Who's That Knocking at My Door

  8. Back to the Glenns

  9. Yes I Do

 10. Shenandoah

 11. Mary Hamilton

 12. Greensleeves

 13. Lakes of Ponchartrain


A Dozen Years and
Many More Miles

This playlist may be shuffled before it goes to print, but the line up is set!  My day job has delayed work on the album, so I can't say for sure when this be released. Watch this page for updates!  For a sneak preview of what you'll hear on this album, try the links below.

A Dozen Years and Many More Miles

Hush, Just Listen     < Listen!

What I Need

Sirenia                        < Listen!

Wipe Away This Lonely

Draper Mountain

Daybreak/Morning Shuffle

Crush on You

The Price of Cool

Twilight Beach           < Listen! 

Slow Burn

I Like

Take Me as I Am