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Baritone Dulcimer Jam Book

Baritone Dulcimer Jam Book

This book offers 35 common dulcimer jam tunes arranged for both standard and baritone dulcimer!  If you play a baritone dulcimer, this book will help you play harmony parts written in AEA tuning to accompany others playing in the key of D!

The songs are arranged to feature the lower "voice" of a baritone and help your learn some chords and "bass lines" that add a lot to an ensemble.  

It's hard to practice harmony parts alone! With the samples on this page, I'll play the melody parts while you practice the baritone parts in the Baritone Dulcimer Jam Book!  

Each song is played on a standard dulcimer. I even help you count the song in as you start. The songs are recorded at a slightly slower pace than most jam groups will play them. This may help you as learn the new arrangements.

Click "Audio" for a track, and follow the Baritone arrangements in the book!

Amazing Grace      Audio

Angelina Baker      Audio

Aunt Rhodie      Audio

Barlow Knife      Audio

Bile Them Cabbage Down      Audio

Black Mountain Rag      Audio

Cherokee Shuffle      Audio

Columbus Stockade Blues      Audio

Cripple Creek      Audio

Cucharin's Cross      Audio

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss      Audio

Goin' to Boston      Audio

Hangman's Reel      Audio

Johnson Boys      Audio

June Apple      Audio

Liza Jane      Audio

May the Circle Be Unbroken      Audio

Mississippi Sawyer      Audio

Oh, Susannah      Audio

Old Joe Clark      Audio

Over the Waterfall      Audio

Red Wing      Audio

Reuben's Train      Audio

Rock the Cradle Joe      Audio

Rosin the Beau      Audio

Sandy River Belle      Audio

Shady Grove      Audio

Silly Bill      Audio

Soldier's Joy      Audio

Southwind      Audio

Spotted Pony      Audio

Sugar Hill      Audio

Waterbound      Audio

Whiskey Before Breakfast      Audio

Wildwood Flower      Audio